The Gangnam Ambassador Hotel – Great For Your Tourists


The Gangnam Ambassador Hotel is one of the best places to stay if you are in the Gangnam area. It is well known for its amazing view of the local population.

It is situated in the southern part of Gangnam district and has been in business since 1958. 유흥사이트 The location of the hotel is close to some of the best places to visit such as the Incheon International Airport, which is one of the biggest airports in the world.

There are other facilities that it offers to include an airport shuttle service, excellent amenities, TV reception, restaurant and an ATM. As a tourist destination, it is also home to many different kinds of shops and restaurants. Since it is located in Gangnam district, the shops are usually inexpensive and priced reasonably.

There are various restaurants that serve both Korean and international cuisine. They are cheap, tasty and easily accessible by visitors. While most restaurants and cafes are open all day long, there are some that close at specific times to avoid overcrowding. If you wish to go out after dinner, you can choose from a wide variety of dining options.

The service staff is friendly and efficient. There are many choices for you to choose from when it comes to food. This includes kimbap, dolsot bibimbap, bubble tea, cappuccino, fried rice, squid ink pancake, mandu pancakes, tteokbokki, as well as many other kinds of ethnic foods.

A popular choice of foods is the seafood. Seafood is not only available in the restaurant but is also available on the grill. It is prepared to your preferences.

There is also a great view of the local population. However, the hotel is located in a quiet place. The rooms are air conditioned and the staff will gladly entertain you for drinks and snacks.

The rooms also have a wide range of amenities including all kinds of electric and cable TV with DVD player, and also an Internet connection. You can check out the TV and the Internet at any time. If you would like to take a nap in the afternoon, you can take a nap in the guest room.